WaterSense WaterSense Apartments

Building upon the success of the WaterSense Labeled Home, in 2014, the Water University Team began renovation of two apartments on campus at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center of Dallas. The multi-family demonstrations now showcase an interplay between water-use efficient installations and best practices for sustainable urban living. 

Each 550 square foot apartment has been renovated “from the studs up” to demonstrate attractive and efficient design for small spaces. WaterSense Labeled fixtures and point-of-connection, on-demand hot water systems, provide economical alternatives to newly installed systems.

Outside, the apartments’ small landscapes serve as sample swatches for developers, suggesting multi-functional common spaces and native/adapted plant pallets as alternatives to large, water intensive turfgrass areas. In other words, the grounds surrounding the WaterSense Labeled Apartments are not only captivating to the eye, but are ultra-efficient.

A 1,500-gallon rainwater harvesting system keeps the apartments’ plant life hydrated in tandem with a water-use efficient drip irrigation system. At the helm to regulate the flow of water is a modern, cloud based ET controller, which irrigates the landscape based on real-time local weather patterns. Each apartment unit is also equipped with its own 55-gallon rain barrel for watering container plants.

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