WaterSense Stream Trailer

Check out the Water University Stream Trailer Demonstration

The Water University stream trailer houses a working model that demonstrates stream processes and best management practices for protecting and restoring our streams and rivers. The demo uses running water that travels over crushed, recycled plastic buttons, which represent sediment. It includes a range of props like houses, animals, and trees to represent structures in the real world that contribute to the state of our water systems. Stream Trailer lessons include topics like meandering rivers, vegetation, flooding, and sediment. The demo comes complete with curriculum, flip chart and materials for each lesson.

This mobile demonstration is built into an actual trailer and will require a vehicle with a 2” ball hitch for transport. Operation requires water and an electricity source. 

Contact Tamaron Hunt, Program Coordinator for Water University at tamaron.hunt@ag.tamu.edu to reserve the stream trailer for your next education or outreach event.

Water University's Patrick Dickinson runs the stream trailer demonstration for patrons at a conservation event

Stream trailer towing setup

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