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Instructional Videos - Irrigation



Cycle and Soak Irrigation 

The cycle and soak method is a great, water-conserving method for irrigating your lawn.

When to Water, When to Wait

This animated video offers a water-saving tip for irrigating your home lawn.

Irrigation Quick Fixes

This video teaches you how to solve a few of the most common irrigation system problems.



Watering your Lawn Runtime

Visit watermyyard.ord for customized weekly watering advice. 

How Much to Water 

Don't know how long to water your yard?  Visit watermyyard.org for customized weekly watering advice 

Time of Day Watering

Confused on when the best time to water your lawn?  Watch this video for the best time of day to water your home lawn.

The Catch Can Test

This how-to video shows you how to check and adjust the efficiency of your sprinkler system by running the catch can test in your landscape.



What is Water My Yard

Water My Yard is a web app that uses local weather data and information about your irrigation system to give you weekly watering recommendations for your landscape. Visit https://watermyyard.org to get started.

LCRA Water My Yard Video

Weekly watering recommendations for your system and region

https://watermyyard.org is an online app that emails and texts you weekly irrigation recommendations based on your system and region.




Instructional Videos - Turfgrass



Managing Spring Weeds 

Weeds overtaking your lawn?  learn how and when to control spring weeds from the weed experts. 








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