Water University Events Master Gardener Specialist – Rainwater Harvesting Training (AgriLife)

Master Gardener Specialist – Rainwater Harvesting Training
April 30-May 2, 2018
Pre-payment is Required by April 24, 2018. No refunds will be given after April 26th.
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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension will train you to share this information with other Master Gardeners, homeowners and landowners through presentations and demonstrations. The training will teach you about rainwater harvesting from 55 gallon rain barrels up to large home or commercial systems, explain how to hold a rain barrel class in your county, work with water utility providers, groundwater conservation districts, stormwater departments, groups in your county and provide the support you need to teach others.  


Master Gardener Specialists – Rainwater Harvesting will volunteer 20 hours above their current volunteer obligation, train Master Gardeners in their county, present the information to at least 3 other groups and set up a demonstration in their county with our help.


Only 15 participant spots are available for this training. Registration is first come/first served basis.


Monday, May 30
9:30 am           Registration
10:00 am         Welcome and Introductions
10:30 am         Water in Texas Issues and Strategies
11:00 am         Hydrological Cycle
12:00 pm         Lunch
2:00 pm           Rainwater Harvesting Basics
4:00 pm           Adjourn 

Tuesday, May 1
9:30 am           Rainwater Harvesting Basics Continued
12:00 am         Lunch and field trip to Ron Knight’s home
2:00 am           Stormwater and Rain Garden
3:00 pm           Rainwater Harvesting Example Calculations
4:00 pm           Adjourn

Wednesday, May 2
8:00 am           Wildlife Guzzler
9:00 am           Youth Education
10:00 am         Irrigation for Rainwater Harvesting Systems
11:30 am         Landscape for Rainwater Capture
12:00 pm         Lunch
12:30 pm         Construct Rain Barrel to take home (if you register for one) Learn how to hold a rain barrel class/fund raiser
2:00 pm           Evaluations, Discuss Community Involvement, Planning, Resources, wrap-up
3:00 pm           Adjourn

Cost: $250.00

Registration fee of $250.00 per person that includes:

- Master Gardener Specialist – Rainwater Harvesting Manual

- Power Points, evaluations, and report form for public presentations

- Three lunches, please let us know about any special dietary needs

- Snacks and drinks will also be provided each day

Reimbursement $50.00 for State Master Gardener Coordinator

Once training and volunteer hours are complete, reimbursement is available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1-rxf7suh-MV21EN1g5QWJKV1U/view

Optional Rain Barrel $50.00

- A 55 gallon rain barrels to make and take home will be available when you register online for $50.00 each.


Participants will need to provide their own travel and hotel arrangements. If you are looking to car pool or for a roommate, let us know. Dress appropriately for outdoor activities. A listing of surrounding hotels will be provided with receipt of the registration form.

Monday, April 30 - Wednesday, May 2, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
Education Building, Classroom E
17360 Coit Road
Dallas, Texas 75252

Pre-payment is Required by April 24, 2018. No refunds will be given after April 26th.
To Register and submit payment, please 
Click Here

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