Water University Events Master Gardener Specialist - Rainwater Harvesting (San Antonio)

Drought and landscape water plans have created a new interest in rainwater harvesting for irrigation and other uses. Water conservation plans by water utilities in large urban areas provide an opportunity to educate homeowners how to irrigate with harvested rainwater. Drought in rural areas gives us an opportunity to educate landowners how to use harvested rainwater to meet the water needs for livestock, wildlife, gardens, firefighting and greenhouses. In areas of natural low precipitation, rainwater harvesting can make the difference between having a vegetable garden or shade tree. Master Gardeners have a tremendous opportunity through all their networks to provide home and landowners with unbiased information they can understand and use immediately to conserve potable water and irrigate with rainwater to maintain a beautiful landscape, grow vegetables, keep a shade tree alive, reduce demand on water treatment plants, prevent runoff and erosion and slowly apply the rainwater to the ground. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension will train you to share this information with other Master Gardeners, home and landowners through presentations and demonstrations. The training will teach you about rainwater harvesting from 55 gallon rain barrels up to large collection systems, explain how to hold rain barrel classes in your county, work with water conservation, groundwater conservation districts, stormwater departments, and other groups in your county and provide the support you need to teach others. Master Gardener Specialists – Rainwater Harvesting will volunteer 20 hours above their current volunteer obligation, train Master Gardeners in their county, present the information to at least 3 other groups and set up a demonstration in their county.

Registration: Only 15 Master Gardener participant spots are available for this training. Registration is first come/first served basis.

Cost: $200.00 (includes manual, power points, three lunches, snacks and drinks) Payment and forms are due in our office by April 5, 2017. No refunds will be given.

55 Gallon Rain Barrel Available at $50 Per Barrel (This fee is in addition to the class fee and your responsibility to transport)

Monday, April 10 - Wednesday, April 12, 2017
San Antonio Bontanical Garden 
Education Building
555 Funston Pl
San Antonio, TX 78209

Please complete the form below to RSVP.

5 of 15 spots are available for this course.

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