Turfgrass Maintenance

Is the green in your lawn, in your weeds or in your grass?  Do you have brown circles or spots in your yard? Proper lawn care is a key component to a healthy lawn. Basic lawn maintenance practices, in conjunction with the selection of the right turf grass, can improve the health, longevity and value of your landscape while utilizing less water, fertilizer and pesticides. Healthy lawns offer a variety of advantages for the home. They not only add aesthetic value, but also provide erosion control, temperature control and a usable outdoor space. But many times, they also tend to be over-watered, over-fertilized or over-applied with pesticides, which can have detrimental effects on our water resources and the overall health of the landscape. By incorporating best management practices and selecting the right turfgrass for your specific needs, you have the potential to drastically reduce water and chemical use, while saving precious time and money!

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