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This gallery of free, digital do-it-yourself publications contains all the information you need to plan, plant, and care for a beautiful landscape with as little work and as few resources as possible. The information in these guides will teach you to select the best plant material for your region and create environments where your landscape can thrive all year long. Find out how to use less water for better plants; how to attract wildlife to your landscape; which plants grow in the shade; how to incorporate edible plants into a landscape; how trees add value; and what to do with your plants when it freezes. 

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Guide to Sprinkler Systems

Learn the ins and outs of designing and maintaining an efficient and effective irrigation system. This guide includes system diagrams; considerations for building a new system; information on new automated technologies; tips for system efficiency; sprinkler system troubleshooting; and much more. 

Water Efficient Landscapes 

Water Efficient Lawn and Garden Care for North Texas is a publication developed in cooperation with Upper Trinity Regional Water District. This pubs has tips on plant selection, maintenance and irrigation system quick fixes.

Water My Yard

The Water My Yard program utilizes local weather data collected by an extensive network of weather stations and rain gauges in your
area. This information, along with research-based understanding of plant water needs, allows experts to send tailored weekly watering
advice for your specific lawn!

Controller Basics

Understanding your irrigation controller is key to a healthy and properly watered home landscape. It is easy to operate once you know the terms and understand what each function controls. In fact, if you can program the alarm clock on your smart phone, you’ll have no problem “soaking” up the skills to master your controller.

Tomato Gardening

The Tomato Gardening Guide provides tips on how to get the most production out of your tomato plants covering planning, variety selection, proper planting practices, harvesting and problem solving. Click the image to learn more about tomato gardening.

Newcomers Guide to Gardening

The Newcomers Guide to Gardening in North Texas is a comprehensive guide for the beginner gardener or anyone new to gardening in the region. Click the image to view the full guide. 

Wild Plant Foraging List

Click the image for a short list and characteristics of some of the most common edible wild plants of North Texas.

Herb Gardening

The Herb Gardening Guide includes information of herbs' multiple characteristics and uses with a comprehensive list of herbs ideal for North Texas. Click the image to learn more about herbs for your landscape.

Native & Adapted Plants

This guide helps readers select plants that are suited to their regions for optimal growth. Click to learn how to build your strongest landscape with regionally native and adapted plants.

The "Dirt" on Composting

This guide teaches the reader to turn household organic waste into nutrient-rich compost that can be added to native soils for healthy, beautiful, resilient plants. Click the image to begin making your own compost today.


This short guide provides basic tips on incorporating edible plants for an aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance landscape. Click to learn how to use edible plants in your landscape design. 

Gardening for Wildlife

This guide on attracting beneficial wildlife to your landscape will help you create a bustling ecosystem for optimal plant growth and a natural habitat for beneficial animals. Click to begin attracting wildlife to your landscape today.

Water Efficient Lawn Care

This guide provides the reader with comprehensive information on maintaining beautiful, healthy lawns with few resources, namely water. Click the image to learn how to build great turf easily. 

Texas Trees

This short guide shows readers the best practices for picking, planting and maintaining trees for optimal success. Click the image to learn how to cultivate your best trees.

Rainwater Harvesting

This D.I.Y. Guide offers everything the reader needs to begin harvesting rainwater at home. Click the image to learn how to build a rain harvesting barrel from beginning to end. 

Shade Gardening

This guide offers tips and best practices for selecting and growing healthy plants in the shade. Click the image to learn which plants thrive in lower light conditions. 

Water Efficient Landscaping

This comprehensive guide includes information on plant selection, irrigation, landscape design and maintenance. Click the image to learn the holistic approach to building a beautiful, resilient landscape. 

Warm Season Turfgrass

This resource identifies the turfgrass varieties most strongly suited to North Texas and care requirements for each. Click the image for help selecting the best turf for your application. 

Sustainable Vegetable Gardening

This D.I.Y. guide leads the reader through best, high efficiency/low-maintenance practices for growing successful vegetables. Click to grow your best vegetables today. 

One-page graphic guides

Right Plant, Right Place for Winter

This quick reference includes all the information you need for a thriving landscape through the cold winter months. Click the image to learn the best techniques for growing your own winter wonder land!


This one-page guide provides the basics for turning common kitchen waste into a nutritious amendment for your soil. 

Rainwater Harvesting

Use this infographic to begin harvesting rainwater today. Learn to make efficient use of storm excess throughout the household and link to a video on constructing your own rain barrel. 

Trees for North Texas

Learn the basics of selecting, planting and placing trees in your landscape for strong growth and a more efficient household with this simple info graphic. 

Right Plant, Right Place

This info graphic teaches you how to use your plants' tags as maps for determining the best placement of each variety in your landscape design.

Sustainable Vegetable Gardening

This quick guide provides the basic information for beginning a garden that will produce tasty vegetables with  little time, less money, and fewer resources. 

Gardening for Wildlife

This infographic provides a few North Texas native and adapted plants to include in any landscape for attracting a varying array of beneficial wildlife. 

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