Zebra Grass

Scientific Name Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'
Plant Type Ornamental Grass
Mature Height 5'-8'
Plant Spread 4'-6'
Flower Color Pink, White
Bloom Time Summer to Winter
Character Deciduous
Light Requirement Full Sun, Partial Shade
Water Requirement Low
Wildlife Value Birds
Uses Accent, Mass Planting, Mixed Bed
Consider Combining with Great contrasting plant to darker colors like Glossy Abelia, Red Yucca, Texas Star Hibiscus or plant in a line for dramatic structuring in the landscape.
Texas Native No
Description A larger (dwarf versions available) clumping ornamental grass noted for the horizontal stripes or bands on the darker green foliage. Flower spikes emerge pink to copper and turn to silver.
Zebra Grass Photo
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